Real Tennis Print, Charles Delahaye

Real Tennis Print, Charles Delahaye


Real Tennis Print, Charles Delahaye, Biboche, Jeu De Paume, Joueur De Paume.
A wonderful limited edition print of a well known original 1870's etching of Charles Delahaye. This is No. 92 of 100. Charles Delahaye was born in 1825 and was known as Biboche. Biboche's father, Henri, kept a court in Amiens and previously had a court at Geneva. With his father's tuition, Biboche's game soon improved and by the age of 15 he became attached to the court in the Passage Sandrié. Here he played with Barre and the amateur, M. Mosneron, and soon was second in prowess only to Barre himself. In 1848 he defeated Peter Tompkins at Hampton Court and in 1851 twice defeated his son, Edmund, at Oxford and James Street.

Jeu de paume literally means 'palm game' and is a ball and court game that originated in France. Sometimes called 'courte paume' or 'real tennis' it was the forerunner to Tennis, played without racquets. Although rackets were eventually introduced by the late 1600's, the name did not change. It later became known as 'tennis', then after the game of lawn tennis became the more widely known sport it was known as 'real tennis'.


Height 44.5 cm / 17 "
Width 30.5 cm / 12 "
Framed height 64.5 cm / 25 "
Framed width 45.5 cm / 18"