Bronze Figure of Renshaw by Klablena.

Bronze Figure of Renshaw by Klablena.


Vintage Bronze Tennis Figure, Renshaw.
A rare bronze figure of a tennis player (one of the Renshaw brothers) holding a square headed racket. An excellent model with good colour and patination. Signed - "Klablena '06".
Eduard Klablena 1881-1933, Austrian.

The Renshaws were twin brothers who dominated Wimbledon in the 1880s. William Charles and James Ernest, were born on 3 January 1861, in Holly Walk, Leamington in the central English county of Warwickshire. Ernest died in 1899 and his brother, William five years later. They are often credited with transforming tennis into a spectator sport.
William won the Wimbledon singles championship seven times (1881-86 and 1889), he defeated his brother in the finals three times. Ernest was victorious in 1888, and together they won the British doubles championship seven times. They introduced hard serves and volleys when they first appeared in Wimbledon in 1880. Circa 1906.
Eduard Klablena 1881 - 1933
Eduard Klablena was born in Bucany, Komitat Neutra, ( today's Slowakia) in 1881. His family moved to Langenzerdorf in 1883. He was a student of Karl Waschmann. After his Studies with the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule (Vienna School of Art) he worked in Austria and Germany. He was a member of the Deutscher Werkbund and in 1909/10 made models for the Koenigliche Porzellanmanufaktur Berlin. 1911 he went back to Austria and started his workshop in Langenzerdorf. From 1911 onward he regularly exhibited in the exhibitions of MAK (Museum fuer angewandte Kunst) in Vienna. Mostly showing Figures of Humans and Animals, often made in Porcellain.
He made models for companies like "Keramos", and to the Wiener Werkstaette he delivered 842 ceramic objects between 1912 and 1919.
Langrenzerdorf Museum


Height 27 cm / 10 "
Width 13 cm / 5 "
Depth 8 cm / 3 14"







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Very good.