Rosewood Picture Frame With Two British Colonial Tennis Photographs

Rosewood Picture Frame With Two British Colonial Tennis Photographs


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Framed British Colonial Tennis Photographs.
A pair of black and white photographs capturing the essence of British Colonial life in the late 19th century. The albumen prints are framed in an antique rosewood frame, one shows group of tennis players sitting and standing around a pair of benches, posing for a photo. Six tennis rackets can be seen in the shot. The second image shows a game of mixed doubles in progress. There is a catch net all the way around the court with a spectators pavilion decked out with chairs. Photographer unknown, location possibly Burma.

Each photograph measures 6¾ inches high by 9¾ inches wide.

The albumen print became popular because it produced a rich sharp image. The process involves coating a sheet of paper with albumen (egg white), making the paper's surface glossy and smooth. It is then coated in a solution of silver nitrate. The albumen and the silver nitrate form light-sensitive silver salts on the paper. When a glass negative is placed directly on the paper and exposed to light, it forms an image on the paper.


Height 45.5 cm / 18"
Width 40.5 cm / 16"
Depth 2 cm / 1"
Framed Height 58 cm / 23"
Framed Width 52.5 cm / 20 34"
Framed Depth 2.5 cm / 1"



Frame Circa 1840's, Photos 1890's


Rosewood & paper


United Kingdom

Christmas 2020

Frame in very good condition, mount new, photos with a few crinkles.