Hardy St George Fly Fishing Reel

Hardy St George Fly Fishing Reel



St George Fly Fishing Reel by Hardy Bros.
This is a Hardy 'Saint George' alloy trout fly reel, it has a smooth agate line guide, 2 screw latch, rim tension regulator, ribbed brass foot, check mechanism, black handle and retains the original grey factory finish. Fitted with a sprung drum latch, enabling the easy removal of the drum with no tools involved. The revolving front plate marked "Made by Hardy Bros. Ltd., England. The "St. George", Brit. Pat. No. 658472, 3 ¾". A great usable reel with original finish and a home made felt bag.

There are some product information images taken from old Hardy catalogues who say about the St. George reel; A superb reel of practical design for trout, sea trout etc. The drum is large and contracted for quick recovery of the line. Fitted with out patent agate line guard. The reel is very easily and quickly taken apart for cleaning and oiling by pulling aside the small spring controlled latch and lifting out the drum.
Standardized and interchangeable in all parts and fitted with spare tongue and spring to put into immediate use in case of accident with out the aid of any tools. To use these parts, turn the tongue round with the fingers so that the point immediately engages with the ratchet wheel. To enable the regulator to be used the spare spring or tongue must be substituted for the disabled one.
A very sound hard-wearing reel.


Height 9.9 cm / 4"
Depth 5.5 cm / 2 "
Diameter 9.4 cm / 3 34"



C. 1950's




United Kingdom


Hardy Bros.


Very good with original finish with a little rubbing near the agate sine guard. Original finish in excellent condition.