A Pair Of Transitional Long Nose Golf Clubs, Woods.

A Pair Of Transitional Long Nose Golf Clubs, Woods.

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Antique Scared Head Charles Ramage Woods.
An elegant pair of transitional scared head beech wood hickory golf clubs by Charles Ramage, Brighton & Hove Golf Club (1888 - 1902). This great looking pair of usable scared head clubs, driver and brassie, have polished golden club heads, lead weight to the rear, traditional insert along the leading edge of the sole, brassie with full brass sole plate, both heads stamped 'C Ramage'. The original hickory shafts fitted with good hide grips with thick underlisting.

Approximate head size of Driver (front club) :-
a = 9 cm
b = 3.4 cm
c = 5 cm
Club is 110 cm in length and has an approximate 5° Loft. Swing weight D-9.

Approximate head size of Brassie (rear club):-
a = 7 cm
b = 3.5 cm
c = 4.9 cm
Club is 109 cm length and has an approximate 8° Loft. Swing weight E-2.

This is a great example of a pair of a scared head golf clubs from the 1890's in excellent usable condition.

The early clubs are made with a hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.

Charles Ramage born 2nd September 1856 in North Berwick, son of William Ramage, quarryman and his wife Ann Greig. Charles was a plasterer to trade and during the season he was a licensed caddie on the West Links. He resided with his mother, step-brother Andrew Denholm and Charles Gibson at 42 Westgate, (now No.47) North Berwick. Charles Gibson, a 22-year-old golf clubmaker from Musselburgh was employed by Tom Dunn in his workshop beside the first tee on the West Links, North Berwick. Charles Ramage's sister Helen born 5th June 1853 married Charles Gibson in the Abbey Church, North Berwick on 30th December 1881 and they set up home at 27 Westgate, North Berwick before moving to Devon in 1889.
Charles 'Chas' Ramage's neighbour at 41 Westgate was Tom Arundel, a clubmaker who was the first player to enter the Open Championship from North Berwick in 1879. The adjacent property was occupied by Ben Sayers and his family for a short period.
Charles Ramage married Bessie Scotland from Kinross in 1884 and they resided at 23 Quality Street, North Berwick. In 1886 Charles Ramage worked as a clubmaker with Tom Dunn and was a fine 'bulger' maker (a driving club with a convex face). In 1888 he was the first professional and clubmaker to be appointed to the newly opened nine-hole-course at Brighton & Hove Golf Club. In 1891 the members organised a professional tournament played for £10. The field included Charles Ramage, Douglas Rolland, Peter Paxton (winner), Tom Dunn, Charles Gibson, George Douglas, David Pinkerton, Alex. Alexander, Ramsay Hunter, Rowland Jones. During this period Charles and Bessie resided in Cowpie Road, before they moved to 49 Fonthill Road, Hove, Sussex.
In 1891 Charles was joined at Brighton by his step-brother Andrew Denholm as his assistant. The course commanded stunning views over the Sussex Downs and was served by the Brighton & Dyke Railway. Andrew Denholm born 23 September 1861, in Edinburgh son of George Denholm, gardener and his wife Ann Ramage. Andrew Denholm was an original member of the PGA and played in the Open Championship in 1900 and 1904. Charles Ramage died suddenly in 1893 aged 36 years and Andrew Denholm took over as professional and clubmaker at Brighton & Hove. In 1908, Andrew Denholm played in an exhibition match with James Braid who redesigned the nine-hole course. Andrew Denholm and James Braid beat J.H. Taylor and Charles Parsons. Denholm remained with the club until 1924.
Taken from http://www.northberwick.org.uk/


Height 111 cm / 43 34"
Width 3.5 cm / 1 "
Depth 4.6 cm / 2"



Circa 1890's


Beech-wood & hickory


United Kingdom


Charles Ramage


Excellent playable condition.