Hickory Shafted Mills Duplex Golf Club

Hickory Shafted Mills Duplex Golf Club



Antique Hickory Golf Club, Mills Duplex.
A very good example of an aluminium Mills duplex by the Standard Golf Co. The top of the head is stamped 'STANDARD GOLF Co., MILLS, PATENT, SUNDERLAND', whilst the bottom is stamped 'STANDARD GOLF Co., MILLS, 75120, PATENT, SUNDERLAND, The MILLS, Rd 413464, RL2 MODEL, Standard Lie, 8 ozs 12 drs'. The club is in excellent original condition with hickory shaft and polished leather grip. The Mills Duplex metalwoods are far from common so it's no wonder that they are popular clubs amongst collectors. The registration No. 413464 dates to mid – 1903. Clubs referred to as duplex clubs are clubs that have two opposing faces, the faces being on opposite sides of the head.

William Mills of Sunderland, England, was the most prolific designer and manufacturer of early aluminium head golf clubs and his company produced more aluminium putters than any other club maker during the wooden shafted era. He created The Standard Golf Company (William Mills, Limited), a division of The Atlas Works, to produce his clubs, commonly referred to as 'Mills' clubs. While his metalwoods were eventually accepted by many golfers, it was his putters that were the most popular. Mills began experimenting with the construction of aluminium clubheads as early as 1892.


Height 102 cm / 40 "