Willie Park Golf Club

Willie Park Golf Club



Hickory shafted Golf Club, W. Park
A fine early lofting iron by W. Park, Musselburgh. A smooth faced iron with replaced sheepskin grip, the head stamped: W. Park, Maker, Musselburgh. The original hickory shaft has the maker's name stamped on it. The hosel has nice crisp nicking, the shaft has a slight crack near the hosel. A nice clean club.

Willie Park Jr. (1864-1925) son of the famous golfer of the 1860's and 70's was not only a clubmaker but an exceptionally talented golfer too. He was only 17 when he came 5th in the 1881 British Open. It took till 1887 for him to finally win it, and again in 1889. Between 1890 and 1900 he finished in the top 6 four times.
He was also an author and golf course architect, designing courses in Europe, America and Great Britain; Sunningdale being his most famous. Park's 1896 book entitled 'The Game of Golf' was the first book written by a professional. In the early days of marking clubs most clubmakers used a cleek mark but Park stamped his name and not a symbol during the years 1885-1915. Park was in business with his farther, also called Willie (1834-1903), as W.Park & Son.


Height 106.5 cm / 42"