G. McHardy Special Gutta Percha Golf Ball

G. McHardy Special Gutta Percha Golf Ball



Gutta Percha Golf Ball, G. McHardy Special 27½.
A moulded mesh patterned white Gutta Percha golf ball in original condition manufactured by G. McHardy. The 1900's Gutty ball has had a hole drilled into the bottom so may have been mounted on a trophy at some time. The surface still has most of the white paint but is with some surface marks. On one pole of the ball it is stamped 'G. McHardy, 27½', the other pole 'Special'.

The ball is approximately 4.3 cm in diameter.

The solid gutty golf ball replaced the feathery ball because of its cost effectiveness, as a gutty could be rolled in a matter of minutes, and slowly the game of golf became affordable to the masses. The 'Gutty' era lasted from around 1848 well into 1900's.

To make a gutty golf ball first the gutta-percha was heated and loosely rolled into a ball shape. The ball was then put into the mould and then placed into a press. The press would imprint the pattern onto the ball and the excess would squeeze out of the sides. The seams were then trimmed when cool, leaving a hard and non-brittle "Gutty" golf ball. The durability of the gutta along with its lower costs and better play rejuvenated the game of golf.
Gutta-percha is the evaporated latex produced from a tree, mostly found in Malaysia.


Diameter 4.3 cm / 1 "



Circa 1900


Gutta Percha


United Kingdom


In good original condition with a hole for securing it to a base or a trophy.