Thurston & Co. Billiard, Snooker Score Board With Life Pool.

Thurston & Co. Billiard, Snooker Score Board With Life Pool.


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Snooker, Billiard Score Board by Thurston.
A nice combined Victorian mahogany billiards and life pool scoreboard with shaped pediment with maker's plaque, Thurston & Co. Ltd. The scoreboard sits on top of a central coin well with lockable glazed cabinets to either side for ball storage. The scorer has two dark blue rollers with gold painted numbers, 0 to 20 / 20 to 40 / 40 to 60 / 60 to 80 / 80 to 100, with two brass slides to mark your score, one spot and one plain. The Life Pool board consists of twelve slides with coloured discs, each colour representing the player's cue ball and the order of play. The colours being white, red, yellow, green, brown, blue, black, pink, orange, spot white, spot red and spot yellow. When each slide is pulled back 3 birch wood discs are revealed, one for each life of the player. There are also "stars" hiding, and these are used as extra lives. In the middle of the scoreboard there is a slate board for keeping scores etc.
The game of Life Pool can be played by a number of players, a maximum of 12 players with this scoreboard, who form the pool. Each player has their own coloured ball and loses a life each time the ball is potted by an opponent. When three lives are lost an extra life can be purchased, this is represented by the 'star'. This can be done up to 3 times before the player finally has to leave the game.
Life pool was played for money with the winner taking all, hence the coin well with this scoreboard. The stake money was put into the relevant slots with the coin being behind glass and unobtainable. Once the game was completed the winner took their money by unlocking the draw, once opened the coins fell into the draw and could then be removed.

An alternative use for this wonderful scoreboard is in the kitchen to store your eggs in the ball compartments and use the chalkboard for your shopping lists etc.


Height 92 cm / 36 14"
Width 114.5 cm / 45 14"
Depth 16.5 cm / 6 12"



C. 1890




United Kingdom


Thurston & Co. Ltd

Christmas 2020

Restored and in excellent working order. The brass score slides have been applied to the front at some stage. There would have been originally wooden slides inset.