Cambridge Scouts Rowing Oar, 1925

Cambridge Scouts Rowing Oar, 1925

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Cambridge Scouts 1st Boat Presentation Rowing Oar.
The full-length oar is an original traditional presentation rowing oar with gilt calligraphy, the crew's names and weights and the Scouts emblem. The Cambridge Scout Boat Club was formed in 1923 and was successful from the start, they were Head of the River on three occasions.

The blade reads:-
Cambridge Scouts 1st Boat 1925.

Bow. E.C. Faircliff, 9.8.
2. E.G. Collins. 10.0.
3. G.E.P. Elwood. 9.8.
4. R. Middleton. 10.11.
5. G.C. Pinney. 9.12.
6. H.L. Gittus. 10.11.
7. S.A. Elwood. 10.7.
Str. A.W. Sirett. 9.13.
Cox. P.H.W. German. 7.0.
Coaches A.B. Stephen, J.A. Pocock.
Bumped:- Town II, Old Choristers II, Y.M.C.A I, Old Choristers I.

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The Cambridge Scout Boat Club was formed in 1923 on CC Charlie Wood's advice. It was thought to be the only such club in the country. C T Wood had rowed at Shrewsbury School and was treasurer for '99 rowing club in its early days.

'There are three particular things we owe to C.T.Wood;… in 1923 he urged the formation of the Scout Boat Club, of which Fred Feary was the first Captain, and I a humble non-rowing member'. WTT Archaeology 1978

The club was for Scout Masters, Scouts and Rovers over 16.

The club was successful from the start and the first boat sat in the top three for a quarter of time it raced and the top five for half the time. Scouts I reached 3rd position by the end of their fourth years racing and was only out if the top 5 for one year in the next quarter of a century.

In some years it put out four boats in the town bumps and four in the Time Race, the only two events for which we have most of the results It was Head of the River on three occasions.

Scouts I had the rare distinction of starting from last boat and reaching Head of the River in the town bumps without being bumped.

The Scouts' Debut
'In 1923 a new club, known as the Cambridge Scouts Boat Club, was formed. It became affiliated with the Cambridge Rowing Association and competed on the Cam in the Town Bumps'

Colours are often given as green and gold but are listed as Green and Yellow in the programmes. The oars and the blazers, scarfs and tie were in these colours, two of the three Scout colours of green, yellow and red.

This self funded group of enthusiasts created a very successful boat club, moving quickly to success against the more established clubs. Its members were at the forefront of the post war recovery in 1946 - 7 and proposed the winter league that is still held by the CRA.

The club never had a boat club and was, for many years reliant on loaned boats. Many of the coaches were from college clubs, particularly in the early days, with some ex Scout rowers being credited, particularly after the war.

It last raced in 1979.

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Height 376 cm / 148 "
Width 15 cm / 6"
Depth 10 cm / 4"







United Kingdom


Cambridge Scouts


Calligraphy very good, some blistering to the polish on the oar shaft.