Shoulder Mount of an African Gemsbok

Shoulder Mount of an African Gemsbok



Big Game Taxidermy, Gemsbok, Oryx, Antelope.
This prepared big game trophy shoulder mount is of a female African Gemsbok, Oryx Gazella, it may not be antique but it is very impressive. It is very clean and well prepared by Buck 'n' Bass of Cape Town, South Africa. The animal was shot in 2007 and exported into England with all the correct paperwork. The Oryx is slightly looking to the left with the horns being removable.
The African Oryx, or Gemsbok (Oryx Gazella), is a large Antelope that is native to the Kalahari Desert. The Gemsbok or Oryx are easily identifiable by their long straight horns that average 34 inches in length and with their pale fur with contrasting dark markings in the face and on the legs. The Oryx are herbivores which lets them survive without water for long periods due to their diet of succulent roots and melons. The Gemsbok is swift-footed and dangerous and has been known to spear lions with their long horns.

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Height 140 cm / 55 14"
Width 33.5 cm / 13 "
Depth 81.5 cm / 32 14"