Billiard, Snooker, Life Pool Scoreboard

Billiard, Snooker, Life Pool Scoreboard


Burroughes & Watts Billiard, Snooker, Life Pool Scoreboard.
A nice combined billiards and life pool scoreboard made of mahogany. The billiard scorer has rollers with black painted numbers, 0 to 100, and white slides to mark your score. The Life Pool board consists of 12 slides with coloured ivory discs (each colour representing the player's cue ball) and each slide reveals 3 birch wood discs, one for each life. There are also "stars" hiding, and they are used as extra lives. In the middle of the scoreboard there is a slate board for keeping scores etc.
The game of Life Pool can be played by a number of players, who form the pool. Each player has their own coloured ball and loses a life each time the ball is potted by an opponent. When a player loses all of his lives he is out of the game.


Height 64.5 cm / 25 "
Width 112 cm / 44 14"
Depth 9 cm / 3 "