Riley Dining Billiard/ Snooker, Pool Table

Riley Dining Billiard/ Snooker, Pool Table



Riley Dining Snooker Table.
A fine quality adjustable oak dining snooker, billiard, pool table by E. J. Riley Ltd., of Accrington. The dual height billiard dining table has well turned legs and comes with four removable leaves. The leaves turn the pool table into the dining table and the purpose for dual height is so the table is at the correct height to dine from (when in the low position) and with the use of the patent rise and fall lifters the table can then be raised to the correct height to play a game of snooker, billiards or pool (33 inches high). The table is in a usable condition with good cushions and clean playing cloth.
There is a set of snooker balls, pool balls, 1 rest and 6 cues to accompany this table.
A great table for those who have limited space.
C. 1940


Height 74 cm / 29 14"
Width 97 cm / 38 "
Depth 173 cm / 68 "
Framed height 84 cm / 33 14"
Framed width 70 cm / 27 34"
Framed depth 145 cm / 57 14"

C. 1940