Fortnum & Mason Backgammon Set

Fortnum & Mason Backgammon Set



Fortnum & Mason Backgammon, Chess and Droughts.
An exceptional high quality leather bound folding backgammon and droughts board by Fortnum & Mason, Piccadilly. The chess board made of tan and red leather squares with excellent gilt tooling. The interior has a backgammon board made of leather with red and black triangles with gilt tooled edging. To complete the backgammon set there are red and black counters, four die with a larger doubling dice all in a matching leather box, two leather shakers and a pocket guide to the rules of backgammon. Along the edge of the box the following words are embossed in gilt 'FORTNUM & MASON of PICCADILLY'.

Dimensions when open: 20 ½ inches by 17 ¾ inches.

Fortnum's began in 1707, when royal footman William Fortnum set up shop in St James's with his landlord, Hugh Mason. Since then Fortnum & Mason has been an intrinsic part of the nation's history and has a fascinating story to tell. To find out more of the story go to Fortnum & Mason's web site.


Height 8 cm / 3 14"
Width 44.5 cm / 17 "
Depth 26.5 cm / 10 12"

Circa 1930