Antique Golf Club, Long Nose, W. Park Of Musselburgh

Antique Golf Club, Long Nose, W. Park Of Musselburgh

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Scared Head Golf Club, Driver, By Willie Park.
A well loved long nose golf club, driver, made by Willie Park of Musselburgh. The stained and polished beech-wood head in good condition with lead weight to the rear, traditional horn slip along the leading edge of the sole and a splice joint with whipping. This club has had lots of use and has several repairs to the head. It is stamped with the makers stamp 'Wm. Park' and also four smaller stamps, 'A. Moir', possibly the owners stamp or the name of the craftsman who repaired the club. The hickory shaft is original to the club with Park's stamp and has a suede leather grip.

Approximate head size:-
a = 6cm
b = 3cm
c = 4.6cm

The early clubs are made with long slender shallow-faced heads with an ash or hickory shaft glued to the head by means of a splice or scare joint. This joint is then further strengthened by whipping with a pitched thread. All beautifully hand made by craftsmen of the time.


Height 108 cm / 42 "
Width 11 cm / 4 "
Depth 4.8 cm / 2"



Circa 1880's






Restored. Various restorations to the head with minor damage to the toe. It must have been someone's favorite club.