Golf Walking Stick

Golf Walking Stick

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Antique Sunday Club, Golf Club Walking Stick.
A desirable walking cane with the handle in the shape of a left-handed longnose styled golf club head. The gentleman's walking stick has a persimmon socket head handle with a pegged horn insert and a lead weight to the rear. The crown of the club head stamped with the 'plume of feathers' and a 'Lion' cleek mark. It is with hickory shaft with black and white hosel bands and a brass ferrule at the end.

The ban on golfing on the Sabbath, Sunday, had the effect of the club makers producing walking sticks for canny golfers. They fashioned the canes with a golf club head as a handle and they became known as 'Sunday Clubs' or 'Sabbath sticks'. It is said that on the Sabbath a Sunday Club owner, when nobody was looking, could still enjoy a crafty putt or swing.


Height 96 cm / 38"
Width 10 cm / 4"
Depth 4 cm / 1 34"



Circa 1930's


persimmon & hickory


United Kingdom


Possibly a later replaced shaft. Good usable walking stick with a solid shaft.