Long Nose Golf Club, J. Wilson, St Andrews

Long Nose Golf Club, J. Wilson, St Andrews



Antique Golf Club, J. Wilson, St Andrews.
A beautiful and very rare long spoon by James Wilson of St Andrews. Wilson's clubs are few and far between and are therefore highly desirable. This fine long nose spoon is in good original condition. The hickory shaft is 41 inches long with a thick worn sheepskin grip. The head is of light polished beech wood stamped "J.WILSON", it has a horn sole insert, lead weight and a lofted face. The shaft has been repaired but this minor blemish is easy to endure since it is unobtrusive, and Wilson's clubs are so rare.

James Wilson was born in 1803 and he was employed by Hugh Philp from 1845 to 1852. Hugh Philp (1782 - 1856) was renowned as one of the best early long nose clubs makers around. When Philp opened his shop he took as his apprentices his nephew Robert Forgan and James Wilson. On realisation that Robert Forgan would be taking over Philp's business Wilson decided to open his own shop in 1852. As Wilson's business grew he hired Andrew Strath to be his assistant. After working many years for Philp, Wilson himself became a brilliant clubmaker.