Cromwell Motorcycle Helmet

Cromwell Motorcycle Helmet


Vintage Cromwell Motorcycle Crash Helmet.
A fine motorcycle, pudding basin shaped helmet made in England by Cromwell. The helmet with silver and blue paint with the words 'Surrey' and the old coat of arms for the county of Surrey. It has a cork interior, fitted with a felt headband and straps keeping a space between the head and outer case of the helmet. Strong leather neck and ear flaps are fitted as is a chin strap, there is also a goggle strap at the rear. Inside the helmet is a cloth Cromwell trade label, it has a British kite mark and the size is 6¾.
This helmet is an official A.C.U. (Auto-Cycle Union) approved racing helmet with the leather having the A.C.U perforation mark.

A very good helmet in used condition but in excellent condition, a fantastic piece with approximately 56½ cm internal circumference.

Display block not included but available to purchase.

The coat of arms displayed on the helmet are for the county of Surrey. These arms were granted on the 8th August 1934, and were replaced on September 20, 1974. The sprig of oak and the colours azure and sable (blue and black) were retained and are in use on the current arms for Surrey,


Height 15 cm / 6"
Width 18 cm / 7 "
Depth 23 cm / 9 "



Circa 1950s


United Kingdom


Very good, clean usable condition. A couple of scratches to the paint work.