1879 Cambridge Boatrace Commemorative Rudder

1879 Cambridge Boatrace Commemorative Rudder



A Rowing Rudder with calligraphy commemorating the winning of The Boatrace against Oxford in 1879. This rudder belonged to G.L.Davis, who was the Cambridge cox between 1875-79. The usual practice of Cambridge was to award rudders only to winning coxes. Cambridge won 'easily' in 1879 and this rudder commemorates that win. Inscribed on one side of the rudder are the details of the Cambridge crew and on the other side the details of the Oxford crew. To the top of the rudder are the two university crests with the words 'Cambridge University Crew 1879'. In 1877 was the famous 'Dead Heat' race and Davis' rudder for that year is in the River and Rowing Museum at Henley.
Available also is G.L.Davis' winning rudder from 1876. It is possible that Davis might be the longest serving Cambridge cox.


Height 20.5 cm / 8 "
Width 28 cm / 11 "
Depth 28 cm / 11 "