Cambridge University Rowing Oar, 1903

Cambridge University Rowing Oar, 1903



A Cambridge Rowing Oar, blue with gold illumination and signed by Royston (the handle has been cut down).
This oar belonged to T.L.C. Gregory.
1. Trinity, 3, 4 Bumps, June 1903
Bow E.E.WALKER 10.1
2 J.CUNDELL 10.7.5
3 G.T.FRASER 10.13
4 G.J.F.KNOWLES 13.2
5 W.D.BARNETT 11.8
6 J.C.M.GARNETT 12.6
7 E.S.MOORE 12.3
Stroke T.L.C.GREGORY 11.1
Coxwain H.R.H. PRINCE YUGALA 7.5

Trin,Hall 3, St. Catharine, 3rd Trinity,2, Corpus.

Stamped on the shaft " E.Norris, Master Scull Maker, Riverside Putney, London, Awarded Prize Medal in 1881".

Prince Yugala Dighambara, Prince of Lopburi 1883 – 1932 was a son of HM King Chulalongkorn of Siam. He graduated from Cambridge University. Rowing cox Trinity College.
The prince served as Viceroy of the South during the reign of his half-brother King Vajiravhud and as the minister of the interior in the government of HM King Prajadhipok.

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Height 345.5 cm / 136 "