Vintage Stevengraph of A Bull Fight

Vintage Stevengraph of A Bull Fight

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Antique Stevengraph, Spanish Bull Fight.
A rare late 19th century woven silk Stevengraph of a Bull Fight entitled "Spanish Bull Fight". This example forms part of a series by Thomas Stevens of Coventry depicting sporting and other subjects. The Spanish Bull Fight is in original condition with original frame and possibly the mount also. The mount is without title but does look old. The scene is of a packed arena, in the center is the bull, matadors and a picador. The colours have not faded and are very vibrant. To keep the colours of the silk this way they should be stored away from sunlight as they are very light sensitive. Thomas Stevens was the sole inventor and manufacturer of the 'Stevengraph Pure Silk Woven Pictures'.

The back board is a copy of an original and shows the list of Stevengraphs that are available. The printed back: "Awarded 21 Highest Prize medals & Diplomas" Stevengraph Works Coventry And At 17 Paternoster Square, London. Stevengraph Pure Silk Woven Pictures. The following subjects can be had beautifully illuminated in 10 or 12 colours, 1/- each. The Good Old Days (Royal mail Coach), The Present Time, The Meet (A Hunting Scene), Full Cry (A Hunting Scene), The Death (A Hunting Scene), Called To The Rescue (A Life Boat Scene), The First Touch (A Football Match), The First set (A Lawn Tennis Scene), Souvenir of the Wild West, The Lady Godiva Procession, The Start (A Race Scene), The Finish (Companion to Above), Are You Ready? (Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race), The Final Spurt (Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race), The Last Lap (A Bicycle Racing Scene), The Fire Engine (Heroism on Land), The Spanish Bull Fight, God Speed The Plough, The Water Jump (A Steeplechase), The Crystal Palace (Front View), The Crystal Palace (Interior), The Death of Nelson (Battle of Trafalgar), The Meeting of Wellington and Blucher (Battle of Waterloo), Columbus Leaving Spain, Landing Of Columbus In America, Declaration Of Indpendence, Grace Darling, The Immaculate, Queen Victoria And Her Premiers, The Niagara falls, Leda And Swan, 1/6 each.

The New Series of Silk-Woven Portraits, Woven in Colours. 6d. each. The Late Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, Queen Alexandra, Duke Of York, Duchess Of York, The Late Earl Of Beaconsfield, The Late Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, Marquis Of Salisbury, K.G., Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, M.P., The Late Lord Randolph Churchill, M.P., The Late Charles Stewart Parnell, M.P., Coventry (Old & New), Franz Josef of Austria, George Stephenson, Shakespeare, Ecce Homo, Mater Dolorosa, Madonna and Child, Mrs. Cleveland, Lady Godiva, Peeping Tom, King Albert of Saxony, Wilhelm I of Germany, Wilhelm II of Germany, Frederick III of Germany, Prince Bismarck, Moltke, Czar & Czarina of Russia, Fred Archer, Empress Of Germany, Dr. W.G. Grace, Lord Roberts, Lord Kitchener, General Buller, Gen'ral Baden-Powell, General Macdonald, General French, The Late Gen. Wauchope "A Gentleman in Kharki".
Thomas Stevens, Sole Inventor & manufacturer, Stevengraph Works, Coventry.


Height 5.7 cm / 2 "
Width 13.2 cm / 5 "
Framed height 14.5 cm / 5 34"
Framed width 23 cm / 9 "
Framed depth 1.5 cm / "



Circa 1906




United Kingdom


Silk colours vibrant & in very good condition, mount possibly a replacement. Backboard is a copy of an original. No glass in the frame.