McEwan Wry Neck Putter, Golf Club

McEwan Wry Neck Putter, Golf Club



Golf Club, Wry Neck Putter by Gibson of Kinghorn.
A good wry neck putter, also known as a goose neck putter, made by Gibson of Kinghorn for W. McEwan. The club has a Danga Wood shaft with a polished leather grip. The head with hand punched dot face markings and the rear clearly stamped with the, Gibson 'DEEP STRUCK STAR' cleek mark. Also marked, 'Superior, Rustless, Made in Scotland, Hand forged, Accurate with an arrow mark' and 'W. McEwan, Formby'.

Gibson's 'OUTLINE STAR' cleek mark was registered in 1906, although it had been used since Gibson began his business in the 1890's and was replaced with the 'DEEP STRUCK STAR' in the 1930's.

William McEwan born in 1872, son of the second Peter McEwan, and part of the famous McEwan clubmaking family of Musselburgh, Scotland. Once he served his apprenticeship in the family business he went south to Royal Epping Forest Golf Club (1890 - 93). He then went to Formby Golf Club (1894 - 1930) where the family had secured a contract to supply balls and clubs.

This club will make a great play club for today's hickory player, present or collector's item.


Height 89.5 cm / 35 "

Danga Wood